Traverse-Wound Spooling

Traverse-Wound SpoolingLundell Manufacturing offers traverse-wound spooling to its already robust list of flexible material fabrication capabilities. Traverse-wound spooling capabilities allow Lundell Manufacturing to supply customers with continuous-length stripping products with minimal splices on a spool. Spooled products help customers reduce labor and increase material yields. Manufacturers using a large volume of tape per year greatly benefit from longer, continuous lengths on larger traverse-wound spools. Spooling capabilities include:

  • Spool widths up to 16 inches wide
  • Spool diameters up to 24 inches
  • Spools available with 3-inch cores
  • Spool lengths between 500 and 5,000 lineal feet, to be determined by material width, thickness and material type
  • Materials include open- and closed-cell foams, very-high-bonding (VHB) tape, pressure-sensitive adhesives, films, fabrics, non-woven fabrics and foils, and more
  • Capable of supplying VHB, butyl and adhesive materials. Adding an oversized liner creates a dry edge to prevent material bleed-back
  • Capable of spooling a variety of material thicknesses and widths per customer specifications
  • Spooled products can be supplied with or without pressure-sensitive adhesives
  • Corona treating capability to enhance adhesive bonds to low-surface energy materials
  • Designed to accommodate medium- to large-volume production based on customer requirements

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